Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Packing Heat

After last minute grocery shopping and elbowing elderly folks out of my way, I'm prepared for Thanksgiving.
Tomorrow, I'll be cooking a corn casserole made with fresh cornbread and sour cream and a wild rice and goat cheese dressing.
Right now I'm all about the goat cheese. I will eat it with almost anything and LOVE it.
There will be two fried turkeys and one baked, plus all the typical Thanksgiving accoutrement.

This year I'm most thankful for our right to bear arms and to prove it, I'm going to ask Santa Claus for a handgun.

I've decided that a single women living alone needs something between her and a potential bad guy. What if someone forced their way into my home? What will I do, throw my cell phone at him after I failed at dialing 911?
My phone is called a razr but it probably wouldn't cut anyone.

Don't worry, firearm experts, I'll take a class so I won't shoot myself in the foot or other precious body parts!

Now, the real question is...what to get? I suppose I should choose quality over beauty but wouldn't a pink pistol be the cutest??

Happy Thanksgiving!

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