Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm Just Glad It's Over

The person I voted for didn't win. That's always a disappointment.

I think John McCain is a good man but maybe he doesn't deserve to be president. I think being President of the United States is a thankless job that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. No matter what the president does, it's never good enough and it never pleases everyone.
Everyone leaves office looking 40 years older, haggard and grey.
John McCain deserves to spend the rest of his days enjoying his life and his family. As president, you don't get much time for that.

You can't help but admire Obama's speech writer and Obama's speech-making abilities. He definitely gives good speech.
But, I don't want the government telling me what the hell to do with my own hard-earned money and I don't want to be the one paying for other people to sit on their asses so if that's what we have to look forward to with Obama as president; I'm hoping that he will, at best, be ineffectual.

A few days ago I jokingly said to someone that I hope Obama wins just so I could tell everyone that voted for him "I told you so" when he failed.
However, I realized this morning that I want to believe the things he says about our country.
I want him to mean what he says and I want him to succeed in making our country a better place.
Naive? Maybe. Hopeful? I don't know...I think I might have a little hope left.

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