Sunday, November 16, 2008

MLB Playoff Action

Well, just because the Astros aren't playing post season baseball doesn't mean it's all over.
I have been pulling for the Phillies and last night they did it. They're going to the World Series!
I was so happy for them but also for my boy Brad Lidge who was traded at the end of last season by the Astros. Funnily enough, after leaving Houston, he had a near perfect season in PA.

Manny Ramirez of the Dodgers has got to be one of the biggest dickheads in the MLB.....second to Barry Bonds, of course. And as much as I wanted to see the Phillies crush his dread-locked head, part of me wanted to see the Dodgers and Red Sox at the WS.
I would love to see Man Ram hit a homerun in Boston, do his arrogant walk around the bases and watch the Red Sox fans go apeshit on his ass. Oh how delicious that would be...watching Boston fans ripping him apart!

I am pretty confident that it will be a Phillies vs Tampa World Series and they are pretty evenly matched so I'm looking forward to some good baseball.
Then I have a 5-6 month wait for the next opening day. Boo!

Last night, Fox miked Phillies center fielder, Shane Victorino. They would play sound bites every so often and he just seemed like a great guy who loves the game. Imagine that!
Anyway, had an article about it. Go read.

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