Thursday, March 29, 2007

Partly Crappy with a 20% Chance of Rain

I had my Doppler done yesterday. Now, I can predict the weather within 5 days. (It will be a wet weekend)

While the technician was rubbing me down with something that felt oddly like that K-Y Warming Gel, I was telling him how I had worked myself into such a state of fear over the possibility of having a blood clot that my blood pressure was unbelievably high.
He chuckled and said, "I can tell you right now, you're fine. If I had seen anything, I wouldn't let you leave. So stop stressing."

I let out a shaky laugh, obviously relieved and said "I am officially not stressed."

But...what now?

Last night, my symptoms started getting worse and now it's in the left leg, right arm and my back.

I had another appointment today and the doctor noticed my skin was red and splotchy and I was running fever.
I didn't think to mention to her my scratchy throat and sore ears. I thought I was trying to come down with a cold on top of all of this but she asked me if I had a sore throat and if my ears ached.
I did and they did. I was also running a fever.
Good news: My blood pressure was awesome!

Now, they're testing me for multiple types of viruses.
Great. The gigantic germaphobe might have a virus.

I've only worked one day so far this week but I plan on going back tomorrow to test the waters. I told my boss that I'll give it a try but if I start hurting too bad, I will go home.
It's not like I'll be missing anything anyway...I can surf for porn at home, too.

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