Thursday, March 15, 2007

I Miss the Indians....

Remember when we started outsourcing to India?
Now apparently, telemarketing has been outsourced to inmates and 12 yr olds.

My boss was answering the phones today when she got a sales call from some company trying to sell us personalized products.

She listened to his monologue for a few minutes, then politely told him "Thank you but we're not interested."
He gave her a hard time and wouldn't let her get off the phone so finally she hung up on him.
He immediately called back. "Why did you hang up on me?"
She couldn't believe it. "Because I'm working and I am not interested in what you're selling." She hung up again.

Immediately, the phone rings again. This time, he just presses random buttons everytime she tries to speak.
She hangs up.
About this time, I walk up and she's muttering about "sales guy", "harrassment", "idiot", etc.
The phone rings again so this time I pick it up.

Me: *insert business name*

Him: *beep beep beep*

Me: Hello?

Him: *beep beep beep*

I hear the sound of several people in the background and I'm picturing people in cubes harrassing other business workers.

Me to Boss: I hear him breathing

Him: *pant pant pant*

Me: Oh that's real nice, dude. Is this what you'd call professionalism?

Him, very slowly and menacing: Yessssss

Me: Listen. Take us off your call list and do NOT call back here again.

I hang up.

The phone rings immediately.

Me: *insert business name*

Him: *beep beep beep*

Me: Oh good. Keep on. My boss is on the other line with the police. Keep pushing those buttons.

He and I sit there quietly for a moment. Finally, I hang up.

Right away, the phone rings.

I pick it up without saying anything. He beeps.

I just sit there for about a minute then I say away from the phone but loud enough that he might hear it: How long did he say we had to record?

He quickly hangs up and hasn't called back.

Now, unfortunately, my boss can't remember the company name he used so reporting him is impossible.
He was blocking the call so caller ID would be useless.

But is this how telemarketing is conducted now?

"Buy our overpriced shit or we'll harrass you, give you wedgies, noogies and swirlies until you cry!"

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