Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Oh right...the blog...

I've been back nearly a week but things were a little busy so I'm just now updating.

The cruise was great. The crew of the ship can't do enough for you. The stewards, the bartenders, the wait staff...they're all so nice! I got so use to that kind of treatment that I was a little shocked when I got back here and a waitress was not begging me to order her around.

As most people have heard, going on a cruise is all about eating.
Let me tell you how my days went:
Morning: Ordered breakfast in bed
Did stuff
Noon: Hit the lunch buffet which was bigger and more plentiful than you could ever imagine.
Did stuff
3:30: Tea time. White-coated waiters brought around choices of tea, little pots of water and tray after tray of finger sandwiches and pastries.
5:30: Sushi bar opened
8:00: Dinner in the dining room. This was the most lavish of all the dinners in the world.
I ate Beef Wellington, Chateaubriand, prime rib, lobster, filet mignon, escargot, etc...
I literally couldn't eat for two days after the cruise. I'm still not all together well, but it was SO worth it.

There were a ton of fun things to do on the ship and the waters of Cozumel were lovely.
I'm not a beach/sand/sun type of person but I can appreciate it from the comfort of the gigantic cruise ship.

The last night there, I did meet a guy...in the sushi line.
However, I got cock-blocked by my own mother.

The line was super long and the guy in front of me engaged me in conversation. We introduced ourselves, talked about sushi, fishing, boats, etc...
Then he asks if he can sit with me while we eat. Of course you can, I said.
Then suddenly, out of no where, my mother is at my elbow, shrieking:
"De! If we're going to meet the others on time, we have to leave now! YOU DON'T HAVE TIME FOR SUSHI!!!"
Of course, the shrieking and the all-caps were in my head but that's how it seemed at the time.
I was so embarrassed that I couldn't really do more than mutter, "uhh...umm...sorry. See ya." and run away really fast.

Later, as a friend and I were in one of the many bar/clubs, he found me and sat at our table for a while. Luckily, the friend was savvy enough to find her way out after an acceptable amount of time.
Long story short: I got the digits.

Amazingly, I didn't end up with Norovirus, ebola, e-coli or any dreaded diseases.
As I was sliding my hand along the railing of the stairs, I realized how many other hands had done the same so I quickly found myself with my arms at my sides, walking like Molly Shannon on Seinfeld.
The public bathrooms had the most amazing inventions. On each door, there was a tissue dispenser. You pull out a tissue, use it to open the door, then toss it in the trash bin right next to the door.

I did everything I could to avoid getting harmful germs short of wearing a surgical mask.

I'm going to try it again next year. This time I won't eat for a week BEFORE the cruise. I need to make some room for all the food I missed.

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