Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Weird World of Sports

I don't know why I haven't been able to bring myself to blog lately.
I know I haven't been around much but I do think about you often.

I've been watching baseball and a little football.

In football, I'm sure you've all seen the huge footbrawl that happened between Miami and FIU. Did you also know that the thug announcer that was calling the game got fired?
The whole thing proves my point about football become a thug sport. It's now starting in college and moving right up to the NFL.
It was a gang fight on the field this weekend but they used helmets and cleats instead of guns.....this time.

In baseball, another announcer is fired. This time for making racially insensitive comments. I was watching that game and I didn't get it. At no time did Lyons say "Hey you spic, I'm missing my wallet!" He simply commented on the things Pinella said.
I think that whole thing is ridiculous. I'm hablaing English over here, though, what the hell do I know?

And in other sports news, I found this over at Synergy of Sports.
I don't know if this is real or not but apparently, Mickey Mantle got more than an MVP at Yankee Stadium.

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