Friday, October 27, 2006

It's in the bag

I think I'm in need of an intervention.
I am a purse freak and have ALWAYS been since I was a tiny little girl and cherished my big sisters' cast-offs.

I have a gazillion purses and they spill out of my closet and into large storage bags in the corners of my bedroom.

I thought I was out of hand when I coveted Dooney & Bourke. A boyfriend happily fed my addiction and bought me purses for Christmases and birthdays.

Now, I'm moving on to bigger and better (more expensive) things:

Zac Posen
Marc Jacobs

All brands of purses that I have no business desiring.

What is this crazy need to have quality leather and deep rich colors adorn my arm?
A $10 purse from Wal-mart holds the same crap that a $1500 designed by Zac Posen will hold.

Am I compensating for some shortcoming? Do I need therapy?
But who wouldn't go just a little insane for this:

or this:

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