Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Autumnal Meanderings

So, the time of year begins when the weather changes almost daily.
Autumn on the Gulf Coast is bizarre. Sometimes the weather is lovely and warm with a cool, dry breeze and other times it's humid and suffocatingly hot.
I can remember a many a Halloween when it was too hot to wear a plastic mask or your carefully applied vampire make-up went streaming down your face along with the sweat...AT NIGHT.

We don't have those spectacular changes of colors like other regions do. Some of our leaves turn a dull brown and then quickly fall to the ground.
Our grass usually stays nice and green and a lot of trees retain their foliage.

We rarely have freezing weather and when we do, it's fun and exciting.
When it snowed -ACTUALLY SNOWED- two years ago, people ran around praising God and building snowmen.
It was an incredible sight; something I'll probably never see again here.

With the ever changing weather comes allergies and boy am I suffering.
I don't know where all this mucus comes from but I am SHOCKED that a human body can produce so much.
My head hurts from sinus pressure and from the persistant cough that annoys me and everyone around me.

I would go buy more medicine but the government has decided that we're all to be treated like fucking junkies and we have to go through a strip search, a background check and give up our first born for some allergy relief.
I would take the medication the doctor prescribed me last year but as I swallowed one, I was informed that this particular drug was taken off the market because it apparently causes hearts to blow up or stop or something.

So, I'm just going to sit here and enjoy Fall while I sniffle, cough and wait for my heart to explode.

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