Wednesday, February 22, 2006

You Know Why They Call It Brokeback, Don't You?

My sister started highlighting her hair years ago.
Some people thought it was to cover grey.  Some thought it was to look younger.
I am convinced it was to reveal her true blonde self.

The other night we were all sitting around her living room chatting about this and that.  "We" included my young nephew, sister, brother in law and mother.
My brother in law brought up the hoopla surrounding Brokeback Mountain and how some guy at work photoshopped two other coworkers faces on the movie's promotional poster.
We laughed knowing it's being done all over the internet.

We then discussed the issues surrounding the movie; how some people might not be ready for it, how some people are completely against it and how my sister and I really want to go see it.

Then my sister chimes in with this gem:
"Not to mention the name of the movie!  I mean couldn't they think of a better name than Brokeback?"

We all answered with vague "mmhmm's".

Apparently, she thought we weren't getting it.
"You know, Brokeback, like he broke his back having anal sex?"
She was met with screams of
"Ok!  GOD!!"
"Jesus Christ, WE GET IT!"
and the worst..from my 16 yr old nephew:  "Oh my God, Mom!  You are NOT allowed to talk anymore!"

Parents on a good day are extremely embarrassing to a teenager.  Parents who utter the words "anal sex" will cause you to simply disappear from the humiliation. 

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