Thursday, February 23, 2006

An Ordinary Life

I had lunch with a friend today.
He was telling me a story - about Valentine's Day, I think.
In telling the story, he chronicled his entire day including what time he got up, what he did when he got up, what he fixed for breakfast...everything.
After he finished with the evening portion of the story, he said, "I don't know why I had to tell you all of that just to get to the point of my story."

I think I know why he did.
I've felt the need to tell somebody what an ordinary day in my life is like.
I think it's a need to feel like you're a part of society.  Your life becomes mundane to you but if you tell someone, it makes it more real, more connected to humanity.

I've done that on my blog before:  A Day In the Life.

There is something about sharing the ordinary parts of your life that makes it not quite so...well...ordinary.
Maybe that's why a lot of us started blogging.  We wanted to be more than just commuters on the highway, office drones or nameless people in the checkout line.
With a blog, we become people with something to say and we can find an audience to read about our ordinary lives.

It's a little depressing to think when I die, it's all over.
Most people have children to carry on their legacy of some sort.
I'm not having kids and at this rate I'll probably never get married so will anyone remember me when I die?
What will I leave in this life to let the people that come behind me know I existed?
What is YOUR legacy?

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