Friday, February 24, 2006

A Contest...

of sorts...

I have made a pretty good effort not to talk about work too much on my blog.  At least not anything specific.

However, I don't mind telling you what I do but I thought it would be more fun if you guessed it.
Now, there are a few of you that know already (Johnny, Johnny and maybe Sheila) and I KNOW you know so don't EVEN try it!

Anyway...if you can figure out what I do for a living, I'll write something nice (or honest) about you on my little blog.
I was going to offer to send you something but I ain't got nuthin!  All I can give you are my words.

So, kiddies...What Does De Do?

Updated stuff below:

Ok...I've gotten some funny answers:

RightWingDuck says:
Provider of Neighborly Internet service?

Supermarket Aisle Critic?

Merlot PR rep?

FCC Censor: Don't say TW@T!

Reviewer of books?

Now that I think about it - Hmmm. Nope, no clue. I remember reading a post where I thought - "Oh, I know somebody who does that." I'll have to search my memory banks - or your archive.

Maybe I have mentioned.  Not sure. 
It's clear you read my blog and for that, I adore you.

Jimmah says:
By day, DeAnna, a mild mannered copy editor. By night, DeLite, superspy of the
NSA specializing in geriatric seduction.

I could be stretching on the copy editor part. A more realistic guess would be
Hand Model.

Although, I am boring enough and a know-it-all enough to be a copy
A hand model...I was the world's best hand model once...
That is until I was pushed into a ironing board and as a reflex, grabbed the hot iron with both hands, there ending my hand modeling career.

shank says:
when I was a kid, I stocked groceries at the local Winn-Dixie.  There were two
shifts of stockers, evening and night.  I worked evening because I was still a
wee git; and that shift ended at about 10 or 11pm each night.  At which point,
of course, the night shift came on.  The night shift stockers worked 11p - 7a,
and they were some strange folks.  Most of the time they didn't speak to anyone
else.  They all had these faint dark spots under there eyes, a couple had some
odd looking tattoos, and one of the ladies had a pair of those gigantic
low-slung sunglasses from like, the 1970's.

But yeah, I think that's what you do.  You're a night shift stocker at the local
grocery store.

Not EVEN sure how to take that, shank!
My tattoos are not odd and didn't you know the 70's were back?

My first job was at a grocery store.  There were two cool places to work back then; Shipley's donuts and this particular grocery store.
I think it was cool to work at the grocery store because it was widely rumored that the manager was dealing drugs and cheating on his wife constantly.
How could a place run by a guy like that NOT be cool? wasn't.

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