Friday, February 24, 2006

And The Winner Is....

No one, bitches!

I posed the question "What does De do?" (Or as tinyman says "What do De do?") but no one got it right.
Some got close....pretty damn close.

Right Wing Duck said IT/Computers.  He was the closest although shank was ever-so cute with his vampire/grocery stocker guess.

Anyway...without further ado - what do De do?

Do you remember going to the library as a kid?
Do you remember those old wrinkled librarians with their steel grey hair in a bun, their half glasses precariously perched on the edge of their noses and their pastel colored sweaters buttoned at the throat?  Remember the "shushing"?

That's me!
Except I have long, flowing locks of brown hair, no glasses but lots of eye make-up, several tattoos and I wear jeans with fabulous shoes.  I don't "shush" but I will tell a kid to shut the fuck up after I slap him around a little bit.

I am a Computer Information/Reference Librarian.

I'm the New Millennium Librarian, bitches!

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