Friday, April 4, 2008

Lost & Found

I thought I lost my iPod.

I was sitting in a church attending a funeral service for a family friend when suddenly I realized that I didn't see my iPod when I changed purses the night before. I fought the urge to hysterically start digging in my handbag right then and there during the eulogy given by the deceased's crying son but I rushed back to work where I proceeded to unload the entire contents of my bag onto my desk. No iPod.
I'm pretty good about keeping up with things like my cell phone, ipod and digital camera so when the iPod wasn't in it's usual pocket, I became a little worried.
But I didn't panic. I made it through the rest of the work day but couldn't wait to get home to start tearing shit apart.
The first place I looked was the purse I was carrying previously which was also the purse I was using the last time I remember seeing the iPod.
Not there.

I started searching through my numerous handbags. I checked every nook and cranny in my house then went outside to start searching through my car. Maybe it fell out of my purse in my car.
Not there.

I knew it was gone forever. I looked in every conceivable spot. I lost it.

What was worse than the pain of losing this tiny piece of technological yumminess was the idea that someone else had found it. I could imagine some greasy, dirty individual finding my iPod and enjoying all the wonderful music I had painstakingly chosen.
The idea of it drove me crazy. If I can't have my iPod, then I'd rather see it destroyed than some random loser putting their sweaty paws all over it.

I whined about it to friends all day Thursday and everyone sympathized with me.

Then Thursday night, I started thinking of a few clutches and wristlets that I couldn't remember searching. I usually keep my small accessories in my larger purses and I typically don't know what is where, so I picked up the first handbag I could find which was the original search location. I opened it to see if my wristlet was inside but instead I found my iPod staring back at me.
All this time and after a million searches, my iPod was where I originally thought it would be.
I stared at it in amazement. I have found you, my beautiful lover!

Apparently the lining of the bag is so loose that it had been folded inside the lining and I just didn't see it or feel it during my frantic search and later must have shifted after I started throwing handbags around.

It's not often we have a happy ending to a tragic story in today's world so I hope my story helps to make your Friday even better and will brighten your weekend.

The Prodigal iPod Returns!
The Prodigal iPod Returns!

PS: That pic makes me look like I have gigantic man hands!

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