Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Opening Day!

It's baseball season! I know you're as excited about it as I am!

Spring Training was a little....uninspiring and there have been so many changes to the team that I have absolutely NO idea what this season holds for us as Astros fan, but who really cares? It's baseball season!!

Gone are those familiar faces like that of Craig Biggio, Adam Everett, Woody Williams and the one that broke my heart...Brad Lidge.
How am I expected to go on without seeing Brad Lidge in an Astros uniform?

There is a whole group of guys we'll all have to become acquainted with. I'm a little excited about Miguel Tejada and I've always liked Kaz Matsui. Unfortunately, Matsui is recovering from a very cringe-worthy surgery and is on the DL.

But...c'mon! It's Opening Day across America! It's time to rejoice!

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