Monday, March 3, 2008

Meet Dashiell

Dashiell...up close

I guess the rescue finally decided I was good enough.
I got the call yesterday that I could come get him for a one week home trial.

He was saved from a kill shelter just 2 days before he was due to be put down. He's supposedly a pure bred Japanese Chin but he's kind of big for that breed.
But, he's gorgeous with a rich sable and white coat.
He's never met a stranger and made up his mind pretty quick that he likes me.
The rescue people named him Alex. He didn't like that name and when I called him Dashiell for the first time, he gave me kisses. I think he likes it!

The first 24 hours went extremely smooth...except...Hemingway hates him.
I'm having a hard time getting those two to bond but they will...eventually.

He has learned really quickly that he likes toys and Dingo bones. Dashiell's First Day
He made quick work of his first Dingo bone.

Piper has ignored him for the most part but like most girls, I'm sure she's just playing "hard to get".

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