Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's safer to carry a map

Life is weird.
Life after being robbed or an attempted robbery is strange. I am looking at people differently.
I've never been scared of anyone before. I've never felt like someone was going to hurt me or someone close to me.
Now, I look at certain people and think about the possibilities. I hate this paranoia but I'm pretty sure it will pass and life will go back to normal....I hope!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not frightened all the time. I still take my dogs out at night and I'm still as observant as I have always been, but I notice people more and I am going to feel very sorry for the next person that asks me for directions.
He's going to get a great big "FUCK OFF" and a face full of pepper spray. That poor bastard!

I told most of my friends about what happened. Actually, one friend just happened to call in the middle of all the excitement. I accidentally opened the phone, thinking it was a text message so I had to answer. I breathlessly said, "I can't talk's bad...I just can't talk." and hung up.
Now, what kind of shit is that? You know I just scared the hell out of my friend. I got 3 text messages after that saying "You better call me. I'm scared!"
Don't worry...I did, and I explained everything.
But one friend said, "Your family has more drama than anyone I've ever known."
Now that I think about it, he's right.
We are a large family so I guess the potential for drama goes up when there are more people involved but it's not like we live the kind of lifestyle that invites drama. Things just happen to us.

It may seem that we all love the drama, but we don't. I know people who feed off of it. Drama is their mother's milk and they would shrivel up and die if some crazy shit didn't happen regularly.
I prefer the peaceful life. I love going home after work, walking my dogs, cooking some dinner and watching TV or sitting on my patio reading a book.
Saturday mornings are my favorite when I can wake up, walk the dogs, make coffee in the French press and drink it on the patio, listening to the birds in the courtyard. There is no drama anywhere in those sentences, so I don't know why it keeps happening.

Maybe it's the drama that makes me appreciate the quiet days. If there were no chaos, there would be no peace.

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