Tuesday, November 21, 2006

MySpace High

I think I hate MySpace.
In a way I think it's great for kids. They're all into that shit but when people my age and older spend great quanities of time on it, it seems strange....almost pathetic.
I was using MySpace to stay in touch with a coworker and some online friends. Then I ran into some OLD online friends from back in the IRC days.
Then it migrated to people I went to school with and this is where I draw the line.

There is a wonderful reason why I don't go to reunions or join classmates.com. I didn't like those assholes when I was IN highschool, why would I seek them out on MySpace?
I recently got a friend request from someone that supposedly graduated from my highschool a few years after me. I don't know this chick. Her name isn't familiar and I don't recognize her picture. But I checked out her profile and saw several people I graduated with and then I looked at their profiles and so on and so on and suddenly, I was surrounded by people I knew from years ago; people I've been perfectly happy not seeing for the last 15 years.
I felt a little sick to my stomach and I don't know why.

Maybe it was because these people have never seemed to leave highschool.
The only people on their friends lists were school mates.
I looked at my friends list and very few are people I went to school with.
I'm not saying it's wrong or unhealthy to have 100 lifelong schoolmate-type friends but well...I don't know what I'm saying.
It just made me feel a little odd. All these people I spent hours with for 12 years of my life, right here, on this little computer screen.

It made me realize how small your life is the first 18 years of your life. You're surrounded by people you're forced to be with and they all seem so important.

Once you're wrenched out of their clutches, you realize that the world is an enormous place. There are so many people, so many opportunites and you can be anyone you want to be.

I don't have any interest in knowing these people again. I've grown up and moved on. I don't rely on having a bunch of friends or a bunch of people to hang out with anymore.
I always hung with a crowd and felt like that's what was important then. Now, I only allow a few people close and I like it that way.
I am counting quality here, not quantity.
I am fulfilled by the really good friendships I've cultivated.
So, yeah, I might just leave MySpace to the kids and the online friends.
I've done highschool already.

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