Tuesday, November 7, 2006

As the World Urns

So, after much decision-making, I finally ordered an "urn" for Crash's remains.
When you say the word "urn" you think of that typical tall, vase-type thing but this isn't like that at all.
It's a polished walnut box with a Bichon figurine laying on top. The box has a brass plate engraved with a message of my choice.

When I received his cremains, I left them in the small box. According to all of the pet urn websites, the ashes are usually sealed in a plastic bag and you just transfer the plastic bag to the urn you purchase.
I wasn't ready to see his ashes so I left them in the box until I absolutely had to take them out.
When the box-urn came in, I opened the cardboard box that contained Crash's remains and dug through some styrofoam to find a small, polished, black ceramic urn...a real urn.
Sealed inside of that real urn, is (I'm assuming) his ashes. Sealed. In an urn.

Now what the hell am I supposed to do? How do you get ashes out of a sealed urn?
I don't know if the ashes are loose in the urn or if they are in plastic but I have this horrible mental image of me trying to pry open the top of the urn and the ashes flying all over the diningroom table.

If that happens you might as well order an urn for me too because I will absolutely DIE.

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