Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What's that sound?

I believe that's the fat lady singing....

The Houston Astros effectively eliminated the slim hope they had to remain in postseason contention with a demoralizing loss to the Cincinnati Reds, who slugged and swatted their way to a 14-0 win..

I was fortunate enough to miss this game. I got in the car during the end of the 5th inning and heard "...and it's 13-0 Reds." I almost ran off the road.

The rookie pitcher, Jason Hirsch, had a horrible night.
It started with two outs in the second. Brandon Phillips homered to spark a four-run rally, capped by Scott Hatteberg's three-run shot to center field.

The third inning was worse. The Reds sent 11 batters to the plate, seven of whom recorded hits...

What bothers me the most is that Hirsch didn't stick around to answer questions and man up about his performance. He bolted out of the clubhouse.
I can understand he's probably upset and embarrassed about his night but what gains respect when things like that happens is your ability to take responsibility for it, own up to it, face it and move on.

Brad Lidge is going through a really REALLY bad time as a closing pitcher. So much so that he lost his closing pitcher job and is now in the relief pitching pool.
Brad doesn't run away from the questions. He stands at his locker and waits for the reporters to get to him and he answers every question.
He'll get past this bad patch. If Hirsch doesn't do the same, he might never move on.

So, I'm a girl and I'm sad for the players. I know they wanted this, they just couldn't seem to get their shit together this last half. I'm always more disappointed for the guys than I am for myself as a fan. Like I said...I'm a girl.

Oh and apparently "someone" read my previous post.
From H-Town Sports:
Chris Sampson, by the way, got a welcome call-up to the big club, replacing Fernando Nieve, who was placed on the 15 day DL.

I can't WAIT to see Sampson back on the Astros' mound!

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