Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Mid-August Astros Rant

Far be it from me to pretend that I know more than a Major League Baseball manager like Phil Garner or a General Manager like Tim Purpura but...what the FUCK is going on?
We have problems with our pitching and Brandon Backe is on the DL again, what do they do? They bring in Wandy Rodriguez again. He was Round Rocked for a reason. Wandy comes in and does a TERRIBLE job. What do they do? Allow him another chance....another chance when Chris Sampson is wasted in Round Rock as we speak? What about Matt Albers? What about Dave Borkowski?
It's almost like they are doing the opposite of what they SHOULD be doing. Is this sabotage? Have they stolen the plot from the movie Major League?

It's not all the pitchers' fault, though. There has been NO run support. Luke Scott can't carry the team and Aubrey Huff's two homeruns last night were wasted.

I don't see a fat lady singing yet, but she's warming up.

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