Friday, August 11, 2006

Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself...

I bet you forgot me, didn't you?

Well...the HELL that was my project is mostly over.
I can't believe that it's done. I also can't believe that I did it by myself.
Somewhere in the back of my mind, I thought that I would get a little help with this but I found myself alone everyday, making decisions and putting things together.
It's bullshit but whatever, I'm finished.
My brain is fried, though. I now understand why smart people can seem so dumb. I'm not saying I'm smart or anything but I have been working so hard and concentrating so much on building databases and configuring software that my brain is literally exhausted and after 9 or 10 hours, it refuses to work.
I fucking got LOST on the way home the other day.
LOST. In my own town!
I was driving in a daze, I guess, and suddenly I thought to myself, "Where in the hell am I?" Nothing looked familiar even though the scenery consisted of things I had seen my entire life.
Hell, I didn't know if I was going to remember how to create a blog post.
You're lucky I did!

I do have a little story.

The other day I decided to take a break from my hardwork. No one else was here except for a coworker.
My coworker, whom I call Suck (inside joke), is only 18. Why she and I have become friends, I don't know. I'm a LOT older than 18 but for some reason, she thinks I'm cool and tells me all her secrets. She even invited me out with her friends one night. For about a nanosecond, I thought about going and then I realized I'm 34 26! I can't hang out with a bunch of 18 year old girls. If we go to a club, dudes will be like "Umm...why'd you bring yer mom?"
I blame it on my air of immaturity. It keeps me looking young, feeling young and apparently, acting young.
Suck decides that she has a crush on a boy that she's been friends with for a few years and she's got his cell phone number and wants to ask him out.
I told her to go for it, so she does. She calls him, thinking she'll get his voicemail and leave him a cute message. However, someone answers and she FREAKS OUT.
She sticks the phone in my face and whispers/shrieks "I can't talk to him! Pretend to be me! PLEASE!!!"
I rolled my eyes and grabbed the phone:
"Hi! Who is this?"
"This is Cowboy(real name), who is this?"
I used Suck's name and said "Oh I was looking for *John."
"This is his dad and this is my cell phone but John used it this weekend cuz his is broken. Is that how you got this number?"
Me: "Uh...yeah probably."
Cowboy chuckled and said, "My wife is going to wonder who all these girls are that are calling my phone!"
Ok...Cowboy sounded REALLY cute and I guess I didn't realize the change in my voice but I was told that I said "Oh my, I hope I didn't get you into trouble!" in a very flirty way.
Suddenly, Cowboy and I were in a conversation. I don't remember what all we said but I was throwing my head back and laughing at his cute little jokes like he was the funniest man in the world.
Finally, Suck pinched my arm and whispered "Oh my God! Are you FLIRTING with his DAD?????"

Shit, I was!

I ended the conversation asking Cowboy to have John call me/Suck.

"Well," I said, handing the phone back to Suck, "If things don't work out with John, I think his dad is interested."