Thursday, July 1, 2010

Missed it by...that much!

Alex landed in South Texas/Mexico...I don't know....just not here.
We have a lot of freaking rain, though.
I barely made it to work today....I was trapped for a while because my street was flooded. But when the rain took a break, I ran out with my dogs and did a little creative navigation and went through a little high water but dropped them off then made it to work.
I know I'm crazy for taking my dogs to my mom's house everyday, rain or shine but I'm working late tonight and I hated to think of my dogs home alone all day and evening...especially in this bad weather.
The last thing I want to be worrying about when I'm at work is if my dogs are ok. Now, if they'd let me bring them to work, then life would be perfect.

Or if we want perfection, I could somehow get paid to stay home and read all the time.
That would be my dream!

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colin said...

That is your dream, are you sure?