Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Vampire Books

After Sense & Sensibility and Persuasion, I needed to take a break and read something mindless.  I went to my favorite second hand bookstore and picked up some cheap paranormal paperbacks.
Mary Janice Davidson's "Dead and" series is entertaining and fun so I picked up a collection of short stories.  I've never been a prude but there was so much straight up porn in these stories that I felt a little dirty.
If I want that much sex, I'll watch real porn!
I picked up another author I've never read before, Kimberly Raye.  It wasn't the first book in this particular series but I didn't know that until I got home with it.  It was mindless and entertaining....just what I want in my paranormal fiction.  But I guess this is becoming the norm in this genre...the explicit sex.  And please believe me when I say I AM NOT A PRUDE!  Without over-sharing, I've been known to be a little wild but for some reason, having to read in EXCRUCIATING detail about how and where two people put their mouths and fingers, where they are tingling and bodily fluids galore is a bit off-putting - to put it mildly.
This is why I stopped reading Laurell K. Hamilton.  I loved the first several Anita Blake books but suddenly, each book became more about near hard core porn than about paranormal escapades.  They were all sex, no plot.  Seriously.

So, I guess I'll keep looking for the perfect mix of fantasy and subtle sexuality.
Or maybe I'm just getting old.  *sigh*


Charley said...

No? You don't want to know EXACTLY where they are tingling? Why ever not? I think I would find those descriptions off-putting, too. I'm not so familiar with paranormal romance, but I have attempted to read a historical romance and it was just so cheesy. The author kept talking about "mating."

Jinx said...

Right? "Mating"! That is way cheesy!
I guess my real beef is the fact that we're being written to like we're stupid or something.
As if we couldn't possibly know what amazing sex is like so we have to read about what goes where and what touched what.
I think most people who read have enough imagination to figure it out on their own! :)

Jenny Girl said...

I don't mind some sex every now and then, but like you, I am not a prude by any means, but come on! Enough already! They are vampires and don't need to procreate to maintain the species. You know what I mean. If I want erotica, I'll read erotica. Stop masking it as paranormal.

Jinx said...

Yes! Thank you, Jenny! Erotica is it's own genre.
I'm glad I'm not alone here!