Friday, June 11, 2010

Tidbits and crapfests

I've had a really bad week.
Our network went down and I was afraid we were infected. It took a team of three IT people (me and two others) to get things back up and running.
I'm still VERY cautious....I just can't believe we did it and it all seems very precarious right now.

For four days, I've been super stressed out and the only thing that made me feel better was the fact that I found episodes of Last of the Summer Wine on You Tube and I've been able to watch them on my iPhone at home.
I'm VERY excited about this discovery!

I would be excited about World Cup but I don't have cable so I'll just have to read about it.

I have a birthday coming up...tomorrow to be exact.
A friend took me to dinner Wednesday night and gave me a gift card to Massage Envy. Believe it or not, I've never had a professional massage! After this crapfest of a week, I decided to take this afternoon off and go get that massage!
I can't wait!


colin said...

Happy Birthday De. What are you 28 now?
Congrats on the virus and jic you did not know BBC has stopped making LotSW. There are only 25 years of episodes to watch, I challenge you to tell any of them apart. I love them to.

DeAnna said...

Aww...thanks Colin. Yes, 28...that's what I'm telling people! ;)
Actually, I was doing some research and they said it began in 1973...the show is almost as old as I am...OOPS! Gave away my real age!!!

Yeah, I heard they canceled it. How sad. :(

colin said...

In and Un since 1972 means you were born in, ahhh I got it you're 13 years younger than me.
Dr Who's getting good.

DeAnna said...

You're too smart for me!
I'm so behind on Doctor Who but one day soon I'll catch up!