Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And how are you?

The 4th was ok. We celebrated at my mother's house. She lives very close to where the fireworks are most visible so everyone flocks to her house for a good spot.
What we didn't know was that my sister's ex-husband and his new wife and two kids (plus their nanny) were coming.
Man, those kids were BAD. What's worse is that they were bad and into everything with two parents and a freakin NANNY completely ignoring their behavior.

But we had good food and that usually cures what ails most people.
I made some of my famous gourmet burgers which after last year's grill fiasco, I flat-out refused to grill them myself and one of my brothers-in-law, wisely, volunteered to perform that task.

We watched the fireworks, got bitten by monster mosquitoes and then rushed out of there as if the house were on fire once the fireworks were over.

I got home to my apartment to find my a/c was on the fritz. It was blowing cool air, just not cold air.
I declared that it was fit to live in for the night and I slept with no covers and my ceiling fan on high.
I called maintenance first thing in the morning and I came home last night to a frigid apartment.
Apparently, the maintenance guy thought it was too hot in there too and put my thermostat on 20-below to even things out.

Speaking of last night...we acquired tickets to the Astros game. After lucking out and getting a free parking spot, we sat in our Club Level seats (which weren't in a great spot), drank a $4 bottle of water, ate a tiny $6.75 pizza and watched the Astros lose to the Cubs. The freakin Cubs...

I don't blame the Astros. It's my fault, really. I'm a ballpark jinx.