Wednesday, April 12, 2006

In a previous entry I wrote about my best friend, Lon, and my adventures in playwriting.
She mentioned I should write more and I think I will. We were busy kids and we found ourselves in some funny or adventurous situations throughout the years. It would be a shame to have those stories die with us.

I was 8 when Lon and I met. My grandparents lived just 3 houses down from her, my father grew up with her stepmother and our grandparents had known each other for years.
I guess we were destined to be best friends.

Her story of the day we met differs slightly from mine.
She swears that she and another girl walked past me on the sidewalk one afternoon and I said, very cheerfully with a wave, "Howdy Doody!".

Now, listen people; I will admit that I probably wasn't the coolest 8 year old on the planet but I am 100% positive that I would never EVER say "Howdy Doody" as a greeting, especially to two other kids that I didn't know. I just wasn't that much of a dork.

She is so convinced of this story that for the last 26 years, she has given me Howdy Doody memorabilia as gifts.
I have freakin Howdy Doody cups and Christmas ornaments!

I think it was a few days later that Lon and a bunch of other neighborhood kids were playing ball in her yard when I walked by. I didn't know any of these kids but Lon said "Hey, d'ya wanna play?". I said, "Sure." and now, 26 years later, we're still the best of friends.

So, for you Lon:

Howdy Doody!

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