Monday, April 10, 2006


A friend of mine works for the Astros organization and he was sweet enough to give me some really great tickets for Saturday's game against the Nationals.

I invited my mom and Sister #3 who is a HUGE Astros fan.

Our seats were fabulous. We were behind homeplate, just to the left in the Club seats.
Right before the game started Mom said "We might just get a foul ball up here." My sister and I doubted it. We started going over the science of the foul ball and what would have to happen for it to be hit in our section.
He'd have to be a left-handed batter and he'd have to hit a fastball really low.

A few innings later, one of the Nationals was up to bat and he was a lefty. I said to my sister, "Oh it's a left-handed dude, we should watch for a foul ball!" She snorted and said "Yeah, right!".
He took a few balls and a strike and then I said "Wouldn't that be funny if he hit one up here, right now?". I shit you not, that VERY moment we heard *crack* and there is a foul ball headed right for us.
Mom ducked and my sister dove but the guy two rows right DIRECTLY in front of me caught it.
My sister and I just stared at each other for a few minutes, our eyes wide. Then we collapsed in our chairs, laughing so hard.
The lady sitting next to her heard me make my semi-prediction. She kept saying "I can't believe that!"

The very next inning, Oswalt allowed two guys on base. When the next guy came up to bat, my Mom said, "It's ok, we're going to get a double play, right now."
*Crack* A grounder to short stop. He tosses it to second and then he fires it to first...a double play!
About 3 people turned to look at my mom in amazement.
We were on a roll.

Next, I said, "Ok, now I'm going to predict a homerun for Jason Lane since he has a .000 batting average so far."

Guess what? Jason hit his first homer of the season!

Unfortunately (or fortunately), we did NOT predict Chad Qualls handing the game over to the Washington Nationals and Houston's subsequent loss.

We can only do so much, you know!