Monday, April 5, 2010


I had a lovely Easter weekend.
On Saturday, I visited Bayou Bend. If you live anywhere near Houston and have never been...well what are you waiting for?
I also took some pictures:
This is the back of the home.It's a little late in the season for azaleas but I think because we had a late winter, they bloomed late. This worked to my advantage.

As beautiful as the azaleas are, the hydrangeas are my favorite:

Easter Sunday, my family and I went out on the boat for a short ride. It was overcast and windy but I loved it.
Afterward, my nephew and I dyed Easter eggs and my sister made me an Easter basket as if I were a kid. I love being a kid!


Anonymous said...

I've lived here a long time and have never been. Wow, those are gorgeous azaleas! I should probably go.

: )

DeAnna said...

I didn't know you were in Houston!
How cool!

You should totally go, it's unbelievable!