Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Happy and all that

Yeah, I'm a little late ringing in the New Year with you guys.

I have been in a blog funk of massive proportions.
I'm reading you guys but when I go to write down my thoughts...well it just doesn't seem worth it.

I have no opinions on current events...I'm just giving up.

I have been reading a lot but it's mostly things I would NEVER admit to.

I spent way too much money for Christmas. I am a dangerous Christmas shopper because I buy one for them and one for me.

I bought a lot of books over the holidays and some I will admit to. I need to log all the new books, I just haven't gotten to it yet.

What I haven't talked about much on my blog is some trouble I have been having with my next door neighbor.
From the moment he moved in, he's been a thorn in our sides.
I have lived in my apartment complex for nearly 10 years and I've never had this kind of problem.
His music is loud, his TV is loud, his video games are loud.

We (the neighbors) have complained to the office so much that they finally sent him an eviction notice.
The problem is, he wouldn't leave.
The other problem is, they couldn't enforce it because of Hurricane Ike. There is no place to live.
The loud bass thumping noise continued.
This time we started calling the police and I'm pretty sure he was issued a ticket the Monday after Christmas. Suddenly, it's nice and quiet in his apartment.
I did get some good news from Santa (or the apartment manager). They were filing his eviction with the court after the first of the year.
THIS is good news. Apparently, all they needed was the police report to prove that it was more than our word against his.

I don't know when this is going to happen and I'm not completely holding my breath because I have a feeling something is going to go wrong with this, but if this does happen...I will be VERY VERY happy.
I feel like this guy has been living in my apartment with me. I feel like every song he listens to, I have to listen to.
When he watches a movie, I have to hear it. When he plays X-Box, I have to hear every freaking down on Madden NFL.
I will be glad to get my apartment back.

I've taken on the near-impossible task of reading Paradise Lost this year. I will count that as a New Year's Resolution...but that's it. No more New Year's Resolutions for me. My NYR is to not have any more NYRs!!!

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