Thursday, August 28, 2008

Party People

I'm leaving on a jet plane tomorrow morning.
Who knows when I'll be back again....well I do. I'll be back Sunday.

I'm going to KC to hit up my girl Jessica. I haven't seen her in YEARS!

Jess used to live in Arkansas...briefly. One day, I left here at 6pm, drove through a HUGE storm full of tornadoes and found myself in a town in Arkansas that eerily reminded me of Deliverance at 3am. The storm had knocked out all street lights and it was dark and silent.
I drove carefully to Jess' house, picked her up and we continued the road trip all the way to Chicago, Illinois.
We had a choice to make when we got there: we could take a nap or we could start drinking.....

Two days later, hungover, we drove back to Arkansas, then I went on my way back to Texas.

God, we had fun.

Repeat? Nah, we're too old now.

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