Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A day at the ballpark doesn't suck

I'm still an Astros fan, even when they're losing.
It was still fun watching them Saturday because since they're next to last in the standings, the young prospects are out there playing and they are exciting to watch. AND they actually won while we were there on Saturday! Of course it was against the Pirates so that's not saying much.

It was a good day, though.
We had a good late lunch/early dinner at Empire Cafe. The pasta was perfect, the sauce a light marinara.
I don't normally order pasta in marinara sauce at restaurants because I'm so picky.
Tomato based sauces are usually too tomatoey and sweet but this was perfect. Light on the tomatoes, just a hint of garlic, basil and oregano.
There was fresh spinach and artichoke hearts and spicy italian sausage. It was the perfect pasta dish.

At the ballpark, we got the last remaining free parking spot.
While inside, walking to our section, we ran into Drayton McLane, the owner of the Astros and we ended up shaking his hand and having a conversation with him.
Say what you want about him but he was an extremely friendly, gracious man.
After he left us, he walked around shaking hands with the employees selling tshirts and hotdogs.
I was impressed.

We were also lucky enough to get a Carlos Lee bobblehead doll when we came in.
I wasn't expecting it because we didn't show up super early. It was a nice surprise.
It was also a nice surprise when after the game, some man walked past me and offered me $20 for my bobblehead doll.
Carlos Lee just bought me dinner!

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