Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saying Goodbye Is Never An Easy Thing...

This is hard to write because like most people, I start believing that things will always stay the same and the thought of some kind of change seems scary.
However, I’m an adult and I do know that change happens and in order for us to grow, we have to evolve and move on.

As an Astros fan, I’ve had to learn this the hard way.  We grow to love our players and yet, sometimes…a lot of the time…we have to say goodbye to them.  Yes, it can hurt, but we trust in the people running the show that this is for the best.  Didn’t our parents tell us that time and time again as we grew up?

Over the years, we’ve bid farewell to many of our favorites and have wished most of them well (I’m looking at you, Carlos Beltran).

Yesterday, we found out that we’re losing another member of our Astros family.  No, not a player, but someone who changed the way many of us experience baseball.
Alyson Footer is leaving the Astros organization for a pretty sweet national gig with MLB and we do wish her well.  I’m sad that we will have to share her with all the teams but you can’t let someone who literally changed our lives just stay in one place her whole career.

Through Alyson, her Social Media Nights and her Twitter involvement I met a large group of really great people who have enhanced my life in so many ways.
I’m also honored to be able to call Alyson my friend & hope we can continue to share adult beverages together (off the clock of course) even after she moves on.
Because of Alyson & her Social Media phenomenon, I have met baseball players, met Astros GM Jeff Luhnow, road-tripped to Kissimmee for Spring Training with my AstrosTweeps, met my BFF Dave Raymond, attended countless Astroline broadcasts during the off season and have been to more games than I have in my entire life.  You see, before Alyson merged Social Media and Astros baseball, I was just a casual fan; I watched the games, I attended maybe once a month and I read a few baseball articles here and there. 
Now, the AstrosTweeps and I are immersed in it.  We live and breathe Astros baseball and we couldn’t be happier!

Astros fan were so lucky to have her as long as we did.  Now, our fairy godmother has to move on to change the lives of other baseball fans but her work here will never be forgotten.

Alyson Footer brought baseball closer to us all, and in doing so she brought us all closer together.


AmazingGreis said...

Alyson will definitely be missed around here! So happy for her and her new gig!! Because of her I have so many great new friends, you included. Good luck Alyson!!!

Tiger said...

She will be missed! We need to all wear long red hair wigs and wear Footers Fanatics shirts if/when MLB has her cover Astros games!