Thursday, March 10, 2011

Run At Destruction by Lynda Drews

I borrowed this book via Kindle Lending from a friend who actually worked with the man accused of killing his wife.
No one he worked with knew about his past until this book came out.
Sheer curiosity made me read this book but I have to say the author did a pretty good job for a novice writer.

From Amazon: Runner and longtime Green Bay, Wis. resident Drews revisits the mid-1980s death of her close friend and fellow runner, popular high school teacher Pam Bulik. She chronicles the small community's response to Pam's death, suspicions of suicide that rang false, and the subsequent naming of Pam's husband, Bob Bulik, as the primary suspect. Events, including Bob's alleged affair, drag readers through the gruesome and tawdry details, some difficult to read (especially in descriptions of the victim).

I hate to nitpick (no, I don't) but the author uses character names way too much in dialogue. This is just uncomfortable and unnatural. Even though this is supposed to be a true story, normal people just don't speak that way. Like "DeAnna, I don't know why you never blog anymore"
"Well, Joe Schmo, I just lost my blogging mojo. You understand, don't you, Joe Schmo?"
"DeAnna, you should blog more often. Especially, DeAnna, because you read all the time."
You get the picture, I'm sure.
I do like the way the author kept us guessing. I honestly didn't know if the husband was going to get away with it or not. At times it seemed like he didn't have a legal leg to stand on and at others it seemed like everyone was totally buying his ridiculous story.

I was disappointed with the author, Lynda Drews, because back in 1984, she was completely certain of Bob Bulik's guilt but now, in the present day, she seems to back off her opinion a little.
She seemed to be buying his ridiculous story 25 years later.

It was obvious she researched the hell out of this story and then also wrote from the heart.

I'm not a big true crime fan but I found this one fascinating.


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