Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Fallout

Everyone's talking about Adam Lambert's performance on the AMAs Sunday night.
There have been several complaints about the content of his routine.

Ok, he had men in bondage attire on leashes, then he shoved one of their faces into his crotch and humped it a little.
I think he did the same to a chick on the way up the ramp.
Then he fell and took it well. He redeemed himself by grabbing his male keyboardist and french kissing him for about 20 bars.

Yes, we get it, you're gay. I mean....it's not a huge secret is it? We sort of figured that out before you told Rolling Stone.

We live in a world where they are still talking about Janet Jackson's boob at the Super Bowl. Just one boob and five years later people are still bitching.
That's extreme, I think.

However, I'm on the fence in this Glambert situation. On one hand, I think he has the right to express himself artistically and if that requires dudes faces in his crotch, then so be it.
But then again...it's prime time TV. Kids are watching...should they be forced to endure gross open mouth kissing between two people? I don't know.
I don't even want to see that between two heteros unless I'm watching porn.
Then again, I don't mind seeing same sex kissing in porn either! HOT!

Anywho...Adam got what he wanted. We're talking about him!

Oh and by the way....Good Morning America just axed his upcoming performance on their show.
I think that's pretty harsh, don't you?

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