Thursday, September 18, 2008

Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes...

ok it's not so dramatic...but I am back.

Most homes around town don't have power yet but I work in a different town and the damage wasn't quite so severe.
We have power and internet and I expect to be inundated with FEMA applicants.

Most of my family are still living without power but they all have generators now.
My mother is still staying with me and we are all so much more fortunate than many others.
Although, my mom had to have her dog, Casey put down two days ago. He had been diagnosed with cancer two weeks ago, but seemed to be doing ok. We thought he had more time but the stress of the hurricane, having to live in my apartment for a few days and the heat when we were without power took it's toll on him. It's a tough thing to deal with in the midst of all of this.

I'm sure you've all seen the pictures of the devastation on the news. I can't even tell you how it breaks my heart. These are places that I've known all my life. These are places where I've visited as early as last week.
I just can't believe they are gone. Whole towns: gone.

Right now officials are saying there are only a handful of deaths. This information is wrong and misleading.
I have heard with my own ears from search and rescue officers that the inter coastal waterway is littered with bodies.
There were people who either didn't evacuate or tried to get out too late. Where are those people now?
The government isn't saying. They denied the media access to these communities for so long. They will have to fess up sooner or later and then explain why they hid this information from us.

I'm ok, though. Thanks for all of your thoughts and messages. It was the scariest thing I've ever been through and I won't do it again.
I will admit right here and now that I was wrong for not leaving and I will get the fuck out of here by the time the next storm leaves the coast of Africa!

I will tell the whole story soon but I just don't have the time or energy right now.

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