Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Leash Laws Apply

I dreaded today because my tiny little girl Piper had to have surgery.
She had mammary tumors that needed to be removed and checked for cancer.
I got up super early and loaded both dogs in the car for the drive to the island.
After, leaving the quaking dog, I decided it would be nice to take Dashiell for a walk on the beach.
It would be the first time he's been on the beach since I've had him and judging by his reaction when he hit the sand, it was definitely his first time ever.
He was shocked at that sand stuff. It moved under his feet and smelled funny.
It didn't take him long to realize this was pretty cool, so with the leash firmly attached, we took off down the beach.

There were so many things to sniff and pee on that he kept stopping.
Stop, sniff & pee. Stop, sniff & pee.
This went on for a few minutes...until I looked over at Dash as he was smelling a particularly good mound of sand. I was shocked to see a gigantic dog standing right behind my 14lb baby.
Dash was shocked too when he turned around and saw Goliath hovering over him.
Dash became very still as both dogs sniffed each other. I looked up to see who this dog belonged to and I saw a man trailing quite a ways behind but even worse...I saw another dog coming.
I noticed right away that these were both pit bull mixes. I knew this could very possibly end badly.
Dash was fine until the other dog ran up to him. Now two enormous dogs were hovering over him and although I was trying to ply them all with comforting words, I knew Dashiell would crack. And he did. He growled....once....and that was all it took. Both dogs descended on him and in a superhumanly fast move, I scooped him up and held him in both arms.
Those dogs didn't care, they then went after me. Thankfully, they weren't biting but they were jumping on me.
I heard the man, their owner, yelling and I saw him running toward us.
Suddenly, he was flying...yes FLYING in the air and when he came down, he had one dog wrapped in his arms and was wrestling it to the ground trying to attach the leash at the same time.
One down, one to go. The other dog only had eyes for Dash and she kept coming at me.
I had one fist curled up because all I could think about was this wild desire to punch this dog between the eyes.
Luckily before I started abusing this animal, her owner had secured her too.
He asked me if I was ok and if Dash was ok. I just nodded.
I guess I was in shock because I couldn't speak.
"They've never done anything like this before," he said.
That sounded so familiar to me and as I walked down the beach again, I remembered where I had heard that....it came from the owners of the pit bulls that savagely attacked my sister in her driveway less than two years ago.

So, in summary, this incredibly stupid man was walking on the beach with his two pit bull mixes OFF leash and he was surprised when they decided to attack a woman with her small dog ON LEASH.

It wasn't even like there wasn't anyone on the beach at the time either. Ahead of us was a woman with her dog and I noticed she stopped and turned around, headed in the opposite direction.

I wanted to yell at this man. I wanted to ask him how fucking stupid he was. Why would you not put your dogs on a leash on a public beach? But I guess that shock, fear or whatever it was I was feeling put me on auto-pilot and sent me on my way.

Once again, I was lucky. It could have turned out so much worse.

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