Monday, February 11, 2008

Moving On

I didn't think I was ready for another dog and maybe I'm not. But I was thinking differently when I was walking into my local Petco.
A local rescue group was visiting with their adoptable dogs. I couldn't stop myself from going over to the cages of homeless dogs and that's when I saw her. A 7 pound Papillon that could be Piper's sister (if Piper had a tan and white sister).
Before I knew it, I was filling out an application to adopt her.
I don't think Madonna had to give so much information before she took a Malawi kid home.
After playing with the dog and filling out pages and pages of personal information and answering questions like "What causes heartworms?" and "What are good reasons to give a dog up?", I was able to hold her and play with her a little. I was then told they would let me know at the end of the week.

Now, they're going to call my apartment manager, my vet, my first grade teacher and my pastor (ok I'm kidding on the last two....I think).

The problem is that someone else filled out an application for the same dog right after I did and I think she might have a better shot.
I might be a wonderful dog owner but I think she looks better on paper.
Of course, I had that thought last night while I was hand-feeding Piper her kibble.

Update: I guess I didn't look like a good enough pet owner. They gave her to someone else. Bummer.

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