Friday, December 7, 2007


I know I haven't been around in a while...blah blah one wants to hear excuses.

The baseball winter meetings are over and although the Astros didn't finalize anything, there is a great possibility Miquel Tejada may be joining us here in Houston.
We'll be losing a few of my favorites in this trade but I've already mourned over the biggest loss for me....Brad Lidge.
Yes, my boy Brad is gone. He'll be in a Phillies uniform next year and I seriously thought about giving up on baseball FOREVER when I heard the news.
But then I remembered that baseball is cruel. Just when you fall in love, they send your boy off to the enemy.

I love Chris Burke but he's not going to see much playing time with the Astros so I'll be happy to see him go to a team that will put him into an everyday position.
The same goes for Luke Scott. And, if we can get good players in exchange, all the better!

We won't even recognize the team next year and we'll have to get to know new players like Kaz Matsui and Michael Bourn (if he's not traded in the Tejada deal) but I'm excited about the new season even though it feels like it's still a lifetime away.

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