Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Because Skippy said so

and I will do anything Skippy tells me to.

An excerpt from a recent email:

"Oh, and you should write something already."

So...here I am.

I told Skippy I was dead inside. I log in, write for a few minutes then stop and close it, losing everything I typed because it sucks.
I mean...pretty much everything I write sucks but this sucks worse. Like...uber sucking.

Anyway, Skippy is awesome and sent me some songs this morning.
One of them was an acoustic cover of Blackbird by Dave Grohl.
It reminded of me of way back in 2000, Dave Grohl appeared on Rockline.
Musicians get interviewed, take calls and play a little music. I actually called in and got to talk to Dave, which looking back seems a little teeny bopper-ish but whatever. I was also taping the whole thing....on a cassette.
It was reminiscent of those days of sitting by the radio waiting for a particularly good song to come on so you could hurry and push the record button on your cassette player. Did any of you do that?
When you played it back you usually missed the first 10 seconds of the song and the first 2 seconds of the recording was your fingers fumbling to push down both the record and play buttons.

Forget high quality digital music files. Back then, the height of musical technology was an incomplete song with the sound of dogs barking, your parents calling you to dinner and the accidental cough or giggle coming from a friend in the background.
Now you can understand why I love my iPod more than life.

Anyway...so now, thanks to the Genius Skippy, I have Dave Grohl singing Blackbird, sans cassette.

See? This post sucked!

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