Thursday, September 11, 2008

So we wait...

So, I guess we're ready for Ike.
The local media are whipping us all into a mad frenzy. It's like channel after channel of orgasms and hard-ons.
A friend told me that one meteorologist talked about this hurricane like a normal hetero would talk about a naked woman. He had to look closer to make sure he wasn't accidentally watching porn. (Don't you hate it when you accidentally watch porn?)

Having said all of that, I guess they feel like they have to scare us out of complacency and the new buzz term, "hurricane fatigue".
A lot of us who left for Hurricane Rita three years ago, just can't seem to do it again.
The thought of going through all of that again makes me want to burst into tears and I'm not the only one.
All of my sisters and their families are staying.
I'm going to ride the storm out at my mother's house 1. so she won't be alone and 2. because I think I'll be safer in her sturdy house than my questionable apartment.
All of her neighbors are staying too so we won't be in the neighborhood alone.

Tonight, I'll get to sleep in my own bed with the a/c cranking on high. I'll get to wear my satin pajamas and cuddle up with my dogs and my own blankets and pillows.
Tomorrow night, I'll be wide awake, experiencing hurricane winds and rain.
The night after that? Who knows?
We might get lucky....the city keeps making automated phone calls saying they are STILL not recommending evacuations. They must have faith in our levee and seawall.

I do too....I think.

Don't forget De's Twitter. When the power and internet goes down, I'll try to update by text...until that no longer works. It's been taking a while for a text to show up on it will ALMOST be live.

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