Friday, September 8, 2017

How To Be Decent

*I'm adding things as I think of them so this is essentially a work in progress*
How to be a decent person:
To me, being a decent person isn't that hard. Sometimes I struggle and I always feel the need to try to be better all the time.  I fail often but I keep trying.  And the more I deal with people, the more I see the absolute NEED for people to be better.  We all need to be better are some of my ideas to be a decent person.

Stop thinking about yourself so much.  Stop thinking about how YOU feel, what YOU think or how something someone else does affects YOU.
Instead, focus on others from time to time.  Think about how your words and actions affect others.
Ask people about themselves and then LISTEN.
Follow up on friends who are having a bad time.

Share in someone else's joy.  Maybe it's not your cup of tea but if someone is excited about something or has a passion for something, be happy for them and share their joy.  You don't have to understand it.  IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU.

Say thank you...and mean it.  When someone goes out of their way...even in the smallest way...appreciation for their gesture, for their time, for their very thought of you, is extremely important.  It's not a weakness to receive help, it's not a weakness to ask for it but it's a giant flaw to not show appreciation for it.

Know your audience.  Your sense of humor may not be for everyone.  Your bawdy language may be cool around your peers but your grandma may not be so happy about it and the older lady in line behind you may not find it funny.  Have some respect not only for yourself but for the people you're near.

Keep work professional.  Your coworkers may be friendly but they're not always your friend.  If you keep a professional, yet helpful and friendly demeanor, you just might inspire others to do the same and work could become a less stressful situation.

Find your own happiness.  Don't look to others to make you happy...only you can do that.  Get to know yourself.  Find hobbies or projects that make you feel whole.

Learn to appreciate your blessings.  You may not have everything you want, but chances are you have everything you need.
Having goals and a plan for the future is a great idea but try to find peace with what you have while you work toward your goal.

Stop expecting everyone to adjust to you.
If you have communication issues with multiple people, look at the common denominator:  YOU.
You can't control how another person reacts to you unless you're thinking about how you react to them.  No one needs to cater to your bad day so don't take your frustrations out on others.

Be patient. If you're struggling, having a bad day or going through something, the person in front of you might be as well. Show a little compassion and patience.

Keep learning.  Be curious and interested and read something other than gossip blogs and watch something more than reality TV.  If you're interested, you'll become more interesting.

Most importantly...
Life is just a little brighter when you offer yourself to the service of others.
However, it's important to create a balance of taking care of others and taking care of yourself.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

An Except from @HouCounterplot’s upcoming book..."

I held the oxygen mask in my right hand and ran my thumb and forefinger along its elastic band. The band was brittle from years of neglect. My death would be quick.

And hopefully painless.

I thought about praying. I thought about reflecting on my life—the good, the bad, the regrets.

…the women.

I sat. Stoically. Quietly. Calmly. 

The bottom had fallen out. The plane was careening towards my death. I peeked out of the window and saw a trail of thick black smoke chasing me. People began screaming. The plane was careening towards their deaths as well. Guttural moans. Horror.Panic took over the entire cabin.

But, yet, I sat. Stoically. Quietly. Calmly. 

I am unafraid to die. 

I thought about the night before. Her scent remained. I could taste her. I thought of her body; she was a goddess. I prayed at her alter. I baptized myself in her being. We were Gods. We were powerful. And now? Mortal. Imminently mortal. I am dying. I will die. 

…in moments.

A young mother held her baby. An older couple held onto each other. I continued to run my thumb and forefinger along the brittle elastic band of my oxygen mask. I waited for death.


And then I woke up in a hospital bed. I rubbed my eyes. My body ached.

“What’s today?”

“You’re a very lucky man, Mr…?”


“Mr. Altuve.”

My nurse was beautiful. She was cut right out of a magazine. She was wearing a short skirt and a blouse that showcased her large supple breasts. 

“I’m going to take really good care of you, Mr. Altuve.”

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