Monday, September 18, 2006

Coming Up for Air

How lucky I am to have such a friend as Adam. Who else would boob up my blog the way he has?
Oh right....pretty much any other horny 23 year old.
Thanks anyway Adam.

No, really. I'm thankful that he was here to fill in for me. I'm going to continue to ask for his help while I try to claw myself out of this pit of despair. (ooo how dramatic)

I would love to blog about what happened to my sister but her incident has become major news. It was featured in newspapers and newscasts.
I don't want some family friend or anyone else googling certain keywords and landing here.

Let's just say that through no fault of her own, she was savagely injured. She was in the hospital for a few days and is now at home, trying to deal with the unimaginable pain and emotional aftermath.

When I got the call, I raced to the hospital from work, not knowing if she would live or die. I kept thinking to myself that if she died, after everything we've been through as a family in the last two years, we'd all have to have one big Jim Jones kool-aid party.
How could we survive another death?

Thankfully, she will be ok and none of her injuries were life-threatening.

I wish I could blog about the anger we all feel, about how unfair the system is towards victims of this kind of attack and how people will lie to save their own ass at the expense of someone else.
It makes you hate humans...really.

On top of all of this....Crash's remains were ready to pick up this week. I went in on Saturday and I was handed this small, cube-shaped cardboard box. There was one simple white label with "Crash" and my misspelled last name on the top.
The box weighed a lot less than I imagined. It's hard to believe that my baby is a featherlight clump of ashes in the bottom of a small box.
Soon, I'll transfer the contents of the box to an urn.

Ironically, the urn costs more than his cremation did.

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