Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's hurricane season...pass the Xanax

Oh we go.
There is a tropical thing/disturbance/pain-in-the-ass out there. The media vultures are loving this. They are practically peeing in their collective pants.
Like I don't have anxiety issues enough as it is, they lead the news at every turn with this thing and of course we have a reason to worry....the oil spill.
I don't even want to imagine the horror of a hurricane blowing right through that oil cover a large portion of the Gulf. I just can't think about it.

So, I've turned my attention to World Cup soccer, baseball, iPhone iOS4 and Doctor Who.
USA is playing Ghana today and I'll get home just in time to watch most of that.
The Astros broke the Rangers' 11 game winning streak last night, so that was exciting.
I'm loving the new operating system for my iPhone that came out this week! Sure, merged mailboxes, faster, zoomier cameras and multitasking is awesome but I now get to put a pretty wallpaper on my home screen. Yay!

Who knows if anyone is reading this besides Colin but just in case....
I know times are tough out there for so many of us. I'm struggling day to day myself but most of us are doing better than others. I can feed my dogs, buy them flea prevention and treats and sometimes buy food for myself so I think I'm pretty fortunate.
Some people are really trying and still can't seem to make it. I've been reading Libby's blog for a long time and her posts and pictures are super charming. She's having a lot of problems right now and needs some help.
Just thought I'd pass it on.


colin said...

How do you know it's me, someone could be using my identity to read your blog. You can't prove it was me.

DeAnna said...

It sure smells like you!

colin said...

Touche mon amie.
Do you really have a tattoo on your tits?

DeAnna said...

I do not. LOL Do you require proof?