Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hypocrisy 2.0

I have a partial view of the parking lot from my desk and if a person parks in the right spot, I can see them.
I happened to look up when a regular customer pulled into that spot. Ms. Smith visits us at least every two or three days, so she is a familiar face around here.

Prior to her visit, we had a Jehovah's Witness invasion.
I have to say that I am never rude or dismissive to the JWs when they are handing out their propaganda. I have the utmost respect for people who are devoted to their faith in a gentle and respectful manner (ie not killing or spewing hateful epithets).
However, I was slightly irritated that I had to endure this at work.

Looking out the window, I could see Ms. Smith speaking to someone out of my view and I figured the JWs had hi-jacked her.
I didn't think it unusual when she sat down on the front bumper but it caught my attention when suddenly she laid back on the hood of her car.
I watched for a moment then noticed her seizing.
I jumped up and ran out into the parking lot and said "Ms. Smith, are you alright?"
She answered "No. I'm not."
I told her to stay right there and I would call 911. She begged me not to. "Please, don't. I'm ok. I just need to sit up. Help me sit up."
By this time, I noticed a van full of JWs parked next to Ms. Smith. They were all staring wide-eyed out of their windows at this woman laying across the hood of her car.
I felt relieved that there was someone else around to help because I wasn't sure I could handle it if something went really wrong. one in the van was moving. They were just...staring.
Finally, one woman stepped from the van and hurried over to us. Thank goodness SOMEONE cares!
This nice JW took Ms. Smith's hand and asked, "Are you ok?"
Ms. Smith nodded but was very shaky and started to cry. "I think so....I think I just passed out."
That's when I noticed that this "nice" JW had a copy of The Watchtower under her arm. She pressed it into Ms. Smith's hand and said "Well I just wanted to give you something to read."

Something to read? When? While she was dying? Was she taking this opportunity to save her soul just seconds before she kicked it?
I couldn't believe this shit!

I was expecting ol' JW to say "Listen, I could save your life or save your soul but I can't do both."

I was disgusted.
I said, "Can you at least help us get inside and out of this heat?"
She did. But still, not ONE other JW got out of that van.

It wasn't just the JWs either. Three other people walked right past us, looking at us but never once asking if they could help or anything.

In a way, I can understand because the first thing that when through my mind when I saw Ms. Smith laid out like that was, "I hope someone gets to her first." Not because I didn't want to help, or because I wanted her to die, but because I suddenly felt unsure whether or not I COULD do something to help.
Of course those thoughts didn't stop me from leaving my desk and running outside. They were just fleeting thoughts of insecurity.
My real instinct was to help. To do something.
I'm not special.....anyone can and SHOULD do what they can to help someone.
But I was really disappointed in the JWs. They spend their free time walking the streets, harassing citizens and handing out their paraphernalia all in the name of saving our eternal souls but they all sat in their air-conditioned vehicle while someone really needed them.

For shame. Is that really the christian thing to do???

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